I was watching this series “Perception”. And one episode tackled about a crime related to cognitive blindness. I dont know if its a popular knowledge. But cognitive blindness or change blindness (read more on this here -> Change Blindness) is really something that we should be aware of.

Well, what that episode left me was this line from the last part,

The eyes can only see what the mind can comprehend ~ Henri Bergson

And it got me thinking one certain concern some of us face sometimes in our lives is the question “Who is the One for you?” or “When will I meet the girl or guy of my dreams?”.

So most of us are looking and asking when we will meet the one for us. But we forgot to consider that the reason of not finding our “meant-to-be”s is not because they are not there yet. It’s just our mind is not yet prepared to see them so our eyes get blinded. This premise supports the cliche “It will come soon when you least expect it”. Cause this suggest maturity for me for which at some level we will acquire enough knowledge/information in our head. And because of that we can process the right information to helps us in determining the one we are really looking for.

For me, the whole point of not finding your love is all in your head. Because he or she is already there. It’s just that your mind is not ready yet so your eyes fails to see who he or she actually is.

So next time, if you give yourself or a friend for an advice in this area, just tell them.

Grow up a little from what you already are. And learn more things about life.

And surely, you’ll meet the person you are looking for.



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