After that 21k run I had last January 12, 2014, my lower body ached really bad. It’s difficult to walk properly and I felt my legs were heavy. I was thinking of using a crane. But then with much effort, I still able to finish the week with ease.

As part of my lower body’s recovering period, I did stretching every day and I decided to do a recovery run last January 15, 2014. I imposed to myself that I should be running this pain away so that it wont stick longer. So I planned to run 3k (approximately 1.9 miles) which I actually finished in 16:06 mins. I was really happy for my time given it was not really easy to run with all the muscle pain. And I was also glad I did it cause it actually helped in my recovery.

Now I am feeling good but I still got quite a little pain in my toes but its not nothing that serious. I have no difficulty in walking anymore. So I am sharing my routine or what things I did during my recovery to help.

First, drink lots of water as needed. We should keep ourselves hydrated at all times since our body is repairing.

Second, do some stretching. This actually helps to improve mobility on those painful areas Have light to moderate stretching as needed.

Third, eat healthy foods. Please note that your body needs all the proteins and other essential nutrients for faster repair of any worn out muscles.

Fourth, have enough rest. I know for working guys like me, this is a challenge when you have work piled up on your desk. But try to manage your task as not to put pressure on yourself during your recovery period. This can lessen stress to your body and help on focusing more on getting your body in good condition as soon as possible.

I guess that’s all. You can actually take meds like pain relievers but I dont really advise them. I think we should train your body not to be drug dependent. And learn ways like what I stated above to help our body get back to its normal function. But if things get to worst after a week, then  you should really see your doctor. It might be something to be worried about.

I hope this helps. Enjoy running and keep me posted ^__^



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