What is the nicest thing I’ve ever done?

I did some soul-searching and walks in the memory lane for this one. And believe me it took me a while to point out which one the nicest. For the first few minutes of thinking I realized, “Did I do something nice to anyone???”. This gave me a smile thinking I was evil for not able to think of a single instance that could consider to be nice. Most of my actions were based on what is more appropriate in a given situation regardless if it would be nice or not.

So as I was thinking hard enough, A las! I came up with a few old instances that I could consider as nice.

One of which I could consider the nicest was accompanying a friend home to make sure they will get home safe. Safety is really my primary concern esp if one of my friends are ladies. Well I guess, it’s an unwritten gentleman code to take ladies to their homes regardless of romantic interest if the situation calls for it.


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