This event was supposed to be held last December 02, 2013. However, due to some calamities and CCM(Cebu City Marathon 2014) event, this was moved to Feb. 02, 2014.

Compared to my other fun runs, this was the first fun run I was determined to win over my friends PR time. And being confident as I am, I planned to end his winning streak by finishing the run in less than 1 hr. He was a bit surprised to my target time since the first 10K we had, I finished it in almost 2 hours. But I had been training since last year and had ran Cebu City Marathon. So, I was really confident to finished it in less than 1 hr.

The race started around 4:45 AM I guess. For a running event, this for me was already late. I came at the starting point 3AM and the organizers were nowhere to be found not until around 4:00 AM. The first part of the event which was the 25 k run started around 4:30AM. Before the start of the 21 k, there was Zumba. Honestly, I find that very inappropriate. I guess some stretching would be enough. But Zumba was just too much I think. For me, I needed to conserved enough energy to finish 10k run. And so I just stayed in one corner and watched. Before this event, I was already doing some practice runs to prepare myself in the run.

When our race started, I took on quite a few long leaps to gain lead from my friend. I aimed at running the 10 k and no walking. On the first  mile, my legs were doing good. I was at a pace of 8’20” min/miles and I felt no side stitch. I was worried of having any side stitch since I drank a cereal drink 2 hours before the start of the run. But glad there was no sign for it. I finished 2 miles at 17:45 mins with pace of 9’25” min/miles. Yes, I got slower. The terrain in this part was slightly uphill. I couldnt afford to be out of breath in the next few miles so I took my time. I knocked down 3 miles in 26:43 mins at pace of 8’57” mins/miles. I got a little bit fast since most of this part have stop lights. And I didnt want to be waiting for the “GO” signal. So, I did my best to be at full speed in crossing the traffic light. Knowing this would be getting to the turning of point of the 10k run, I was determined to get my 1 hr finishing time so I hastened my pace. So at 4 miles, I finished it in 34:58 mins at 8’14 mins/mile pace. This time, I was already feeling a needle pain at my left leg’s knee cap area. I knew this was not good. Thinking I might be getting myself an injury, I slowed down a bit and started to jog. I did not walk. To lessen the pressure at my knee cap, I slightly bent my legs at every fall to transfer the pressure to my calves. I also started to synchronized my breathing with every fall. With this sudden change in pace, I finished 5 miles in 44:25 mins at 9’27” mins/miles. What I’ve been doing had been working good since my left leg was not aching anymore. Thinking I got 1 mile  more to go and 44 minutes had past, I decided to give it my all. I saw no sign of my friend yet so I thought that I had been way too far from him which was actually my aim from the start. I begged my legs for one mile of running, so I started to run hard.

Listening to the music near the finish line, I thought I am almost there. I still got 16 minutes before I hit my 1 hr target. A few kilometers away from the finish line, I saw the time was 54 minutes. So I pushed myself and ran harder. I crossed the finish line at 59 minutes with final pace at 9’05” mins/mile. It was almost 1 hr, but I was very glad to met my target in less 1 hour.

YES! I MADE IT! I screamed over my head for having accomplished two things today. One, finished the run at my target time. And second, won it over from my friend. I would have wanted to have confetti pouring down on me but the thought of these accomplishments already made my day.

My friend and I agreed that whoever finish the race first should get a picture of the loser. So I waited near the finish line. While waiting, my legs started to feel heavy and so I did a little stretching. After a few minutes, there was still no sign for him. I started to get worried that he might have finish the run first. But I was pretty sure that I was always on the lead. I was getting agitated of waiting but then suddenly 2 cute girls approached me asking me take a picture of them near the finish line. I would be rude to say “NO” right? So with their phone, I took a picture of them. To my surprise, the girl requested to have a picture of me with each of them and I was like “WOAH!” in my head. Geez, I was not prepared for that. And I looked so drenched with sweat. However, I let out a smile and had a picture for each of them. It was really surprising for me that I was not able to take a picture of them. I knew my friends would not believe me if I share this event to them. But who cares, it did happen. I was already smiling when my friend arrived in the finish line. And as expected he did not believe me when I told him about those two girls.

After meeting my other friends at the finish line, we went to a booth for “FOOD!”. I got 1 rice and 2 longganisa. It was not that much but I was greatly thankful for the food and cold water. After the meal, we went to home.

This is one of the best 10K run I had. Many things had happened. I may not have a medal to dangle it in my neck but I have the memories on each mile. I may not have a photo on the finishing line but it did not mean I never made it. I have the sky and the road as my witnesses for making this one of the best runs of my life.

Till next run.


** UPDATE 02/23/2014!!!

I got photos from the organizers website!! Here’ they are ^__^



Note: Please see below for more details on the event.



2 thoughts on “Cebu Holdings Silver Run @ 10 K

    1. Thanks!! No not really because of the weather. It’s because of the traffic. The road usually gets busy at 6AM. So our runs here usually start at 4:00 AM. One event last year had a run started at 2 AM.

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