Camera 360

When I went out to Barili, Cebu, I got this sweet shot from two of my friends. Okay there is nothing romantic going on with them but the picture says other wise right? It’s the chemistry of this moment that tells us the story of Love.

I was supposed to post this before Valentines Day but since I ran into some issues (technical and personal), I got delayed into writing. Well, it can’t be helped. What’s done is done.

Moving on, so I was thinking what to write on Valentines Day. Surely, it would be about feelings or relationships. And I came up with the line “Knowing What It Means”. I was pointing out on our feeling to someone. Each of us has it’s own stories to tell about love or relationships. I also had mine. Well, most of it did not end up so well. But I thank God that I went through all that cause I learned a lot from it.

So what it means to fall in love? Getting butterfly in the stomach is a VERY common thing. For me, when you say fall in love, it means shattering my personal wall for this special person. Or getting barenaked emotionally! You will be willing to be an open book to that person. Sharing your pain and happiness with him/her.

If life is a journey on foot, then falling in love is like riding a car. You’ll think time flies fast and everything happens fast. I bet anyone who had been in love would say falling in love is one hell of emotional ride in a roller coaster.

Love maybe different for each of us but I guess falling in love will always be the same for all of us. It would always be finding happiness and sharing it with the person we treasured most.



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