A husband just knew that his wife was about to go Kuwait to be a domestic helper. His wife  broke the news 3 days before her flight. Before he thought it was just a joke when his wife told him that she has been processing her papers for Kuwait.

What would the husband do? They had 2 children. Both are in still in elementary school. He rarely goes home since he is staying at his work place.


Given that information, it clearly indicates marital issues within the family. First question that would come to mind was “What is the wife thinking?” Okay before we judge her because of what she did, we might want to ask this also “How the hell did this go unnoticed by the husband?”.  As per premise, husband rarely goes home. A fact that could answer why the husband was not aware of this or didn’t have any suspicions. So now , lets go back to the wife. So why the wife failed to inform the husband of this matter or even did a serious discussion with him before finalizing everything? For me, there are quite few missing pieces here that would help us understand more the wife’s action. Clearly going abroad is not just your work next door right? And they have children. Who would take care of them? The husband? What about his job? Did she even consider that her flight would mean leaving her children and asking her husband to give up his job? And she only gave his husband 3 days to think? Was she insane?

So the husband was asking “What should I do? Should I let her go and work in Kuwait?”

Lonewolf’s Two Cents:

I was not part on any relationship but I dont need to be in one to see whats wrong here. First, he should confront his wife. I know confrontations are not as easy as a walk in the park. But both clearly had to talk to each other. They have to have a conversation. A talk as a husband and as a wife. He should let his wife know how upset he was. And he should listen to whatever the reasons/excuses his wife says. He should give his wife a piece of his mind on this working in abroad thing. And discuss with her the pros and cons. Avoid getting into physical or verbal violence. Focus on the current problem.

If he would ask me if he should allow her to work abroad, I would say Yes. Working abroad is a great opportunity for some of us. But I strongly suggest that before she bids goodbye, settle everything with her so as not to leave any issues/heartaches/problems behind. Unresolved issues are easy to keep/ignore but harder to fix overtime. 


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