I was a bit disappointed because I was very irresponsible weeks before the run.

Two weeks before, I had a very strange stomach discomfort that lasted for three days. I couldn’t eat properly since I lost my appetite. And on the fourth day on that same week, I was feeling better. But I feared that my stomach might be upset again if I put my body on a stress. So I delayed my training for a few more days.

A week before the run, my tasks and other appointments got piled up that I end up having only 1 day for training that was last Wednesday. I only ran 3k for about 18:37 mins with an average pace of 9’34” mins/miles. And felt I was so damn tired. I was catching my breath half way. So I realize that I might not be able to run this Saturday unless I do something.

So my plan was to be resting and go home early from Thursday and Friday. But tasks and appointments were still piling up on Thursday that I went home around 11:00 PM. And same story on Friday.

In the end, I wasn’t able to follow my plan. So I thought, waking at 4am last Saturday would be impossible for my body. However, to my surprise, I was able to wake up around 3 AM.


I arrived at the run around 4:30 AM. While waiting for the start, I did some stretching. I did not have a proper training for this run. So I thought I’ll just give a few miles a walk. But when the run started, I felt like running the whole course. And so I did. By the way, here’s the shot of the map of the route.


But 2 miles before the finish the line, I felt a light prick on my right knee. This raised a red flag on me. So I slowed my pace to a point that I barely cover a distance for a few minutes. It was already a miracle that I made it this far without any injury. One mile before the finish line, I felt another prick but this time on my left leg. I knew at the time that this was getting serious. My body was already saying to me “Dude, you have to stop”. Since I was almost there, I ignore the prick but made little adjustments in my pace so as not to make it feel worse.

Camera 360


Luckily, I finished the 10 k run for 1 hr:4mins:50secs with an average pace of 10’16” mins/miles. Yes, this was slower than previously recorded. But given I only had 1 practice run for this event, I could say that this was a miracle that I finished it.  I also received a loot bag from the sponsors.


Sadly though, I might not be running for a while to give my knees sometime to be healed. I might have injured them a bit I guess cause I have difficulty walking.

Morale of the story:

Don’t run when you are not prepared for it. You’ll just end up getting hurt.

If you do, just walk. There’s no shame in giving your body the stress it can only withstand..

Happy running everyone!

PS. Here are some shots after the run.




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