For this past for weeks, I had hard problems with training. Deadlines are piling up at work and I am constantly catching up. And to my surprise, it’s already middle of March!!! (T__T). But I am planning to change things quite a little bit since I got new targets this year. Kindda late to start this year’s target. Well, March is still far away from December right? I still got time!

So as I scrammed the net for some ideal things to do this year, I came up with this list of AWESOME things I hope to accomplish :


1. 1000 miles ran


I’ve been training for running so why not do this right? As per March, I already ran 51 miles. I know its still far away from 1000 but I have 9 months to cover that up.


2. 500 miles swam


This will be the first time this year for me to track my swimming activities. For one, I rarely swim but when I do, I can only do less than a mile stretch. So this is one of the few things that will keep me busy this year.


3. 100 miles biked


One issue I dont know how to bike. Yeah I know, it’s weird for me not to know how to bike. Well, I dont have any reason to train for this after all (lols). So now this year, I’ll be learning to bike and beat that 100 miles record for this year.


4.  Participate in a Full Marathon


 I had participated in 21 KM (Half Marathon) event. And yes it was a great experience. I guess having the full marathon this year is another great experience right?


5. Target PR Time is 7mins/miles or lower in an official run


I placed this here in my bucket list so I could remind myself that this is my ideal pr time for this year. I am constantly aiming for this in my past training. I am hoping this beat this one this year.


6. Ran in a trail run


 I havent tried trailing running. I find it an interesting feat to do. Hope I get to do this year!


Well that’s it for my bucket list ! Aside from that, I am planning to get back to gym to shape up a bit, join training about running and stuffs related to it, and buy new gears. WoaH! Quite a lot thing to do in 9 months!





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