I was “gyming” before for about a year. Then, I stopped when the gym I was in closed down and moved to another place. It was disappointing really since it was one of the most cheapest gym here in Cebu. And I was to lazy to find another cheap gym.


And since I stopped, I was hoping that my body will start to gain fat since from what I’ve heard when you stop gyming you’ll gain weight. But it only applies to people with low metabolic rate and not to people like me. It turns out that instead of gaining I started losing. And this freakin’ annoys me. I eat a lot (believe me when I say “a lot”). The only part that my body was gaining was when I was in the gym. 

Good thing I was running which another form of physical activity that impedes my body from losing more weight. But lately I’ve been hearing people saying to me “Oh you’re getting thin!”. This really disappoints me.


So I guess, I’ll reconsider gyming again. Yes, I’ll still do my runs but I think some areas in my body should be trained as well. And going back would mean, I’ll start from square one. I’ll be joining by this April !  Hope this works!! 


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