What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?


People sometimes mistook me of someone in his early 20’s (I wish) but I’m not. One time a parent mistook me as a student on a highschool I passed by. That incident flattered me. “Do I really looked that young?” As I looked at the mirror, I couldn’t helped to think how people would have thought of me when I was in my teens? Even my co-workers now. If I hadn’t brought up my age to them, they’ll keep thinking I am still at my early 20’s (I wish)

So what I think about aging?


For me, aging is when you stop thinking you’re young enough to do something. When I went to one restobar two weeks ago, I thought I can still enjoy the loud sounds and the crowd of people dancing. But I did not. I got too tired in just a few minutes and I can’t keep with the vigor of the people around me. I thought I was too old to do those things. I think I was getting old.

Staying Young At Heart

To be young heart is doing something regardless of what is your age is. So, I involve myself in activities like gyming, swimming, running and playing badminton. These activities kept me up to shape.


And I guess one more thing to keep yourself young is thinking positive. Stress can add up to your age. You could look 30 years older than your supposed to be with stress. And keep a smile on your face in appropriate situations (you don’t want awkwardness or weirdness). A smile can lighten up your face or how you look infront to people.

Lastly, your AGE will only just be NUMBERS unless you ACT like it.

PS. Me turning 28 this year!



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