It’s official!!!! Summer Season is here in the PHILIPPINES!



What is the most visited place here during summer? BEACHES!!!!

A few of my officemates agreed to spend some weekends on the beach of Bantayan Cebu. I had my doubts spending it there since what happened during Typhoon Yolanda. The island was really hit that hard. And few places were badly damaged. But my friends made sure that it was fine to spend the night there.


And last April 13, 2014, we went to Bantayan Island and had spent our vacation in Santa Fe Beach Club. The place was just fine and the beach was very beautiful!


I really enjoyed the place, the accommodation and the staff (those that interacted with us/assisted us) were nice. I certainly would love to be back there and spend another vacation!




P.S. I got no details on the accommodation or anything pertaining to the details of the trip cause I was not aware of it. But next time, I’ll update this up for more information on this trip!


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