I love running. For the past months I’ve been training and joining in fun runs and marathons, I always love the feeling every time I cross the finish line. I never thought that there are other great things that could happened in the run.

Last April 06, 2014, a different kind of run was hosted here in Cebu. It was the Color Run.


I was intrigued about this whole concept of the color run. So I suggested to my co-running-friends to join this run.

The run was in SRP (South Reclamation Project). Since I spent my weekends at my parent’s house in Lapu-Lapu, I had to wake up as early as 3AM to avoid being late in the run. So, I had set up my alarm. Luckily, all went well. I woke up 3 AM and arrived at Plaza Independencia where a jeepne took us to SRP.


When I arrived there it was still dark around 5AM, but I could see lots and lots of people. Judging from appearances, there quite a lot of groups from highschool buddies to officemates. Sad though we were just few from our company who joined. It would have been great if there were more of us.

This race was not timed. So everyone was instructed to take their time and enjoy in the run. Before the run begun, there were some opening remarks from someone (which I did not really paid attention to). The race started at 6AM.

Few meters in the starting line, there was a fire truck that showered the runners with water. Almost everyone were wet. Some chose took a detour but well they missed the fun. A few meters from the truck was the first color station (BLUE). There were some volunteers who were throwing color dust to the runners. Some grab a handfull of these dust and threw these to their friends. Everyone was like in a color-dust fight. It was a really CoooL! I managed to throw some dust to some unknown person ^___^ (peace yo!)

Well, the next few meters were the same. There were color stations like PINK, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN and VIOLET. And when people got closer to these stations, volunteers threw color dust to them. An officemate of mine managed to sprinkle some ORANGE dust in my head (Bummer!). Well, I managed to throw that on her FACE! (GotCha!).

It was really fun. Everyone was smiling. And you could see lots of people doing some selfie photos.

I was like bathing with colors all throughout the 10 K run.


This was the first time that I just took time in running. This made my feet itched for a run. So after 6KM, I ran the remaining 4KM (seriously). After crossing the finishing line, I joined another activity, The Color Festival!.

The Color Festival is one of the events after the run. This festival included some games, dancing and one of the event’s highlight  where people throw color packets in the air.


The highlight of the event really fogged up the area for a few seconds. I could barely saw the people around me. All I saw was color everywhere! It was sooo Cool!!!


I did not even worry that I would looked like some odd looking person who seemed to had gone to some painting job and bathed all the colors he had on his painting (AHahahah). I had difficulty removing some colors in my skin that time but who cares! I had so much fun. Next time, with more friends, I’ll join again this colorful RUN!


For those who are planning to join this event, save yourself looking weird afterwards. And bring your own wet tissue, some water (use to wash your face), and a towel. Warning though, your towel will lose it’s original color after this. Bring also a new set of clothes cause you’d really need it if you planned to take a public utility vehicle on your way home.

See You In the Next Color RUN!!!




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