I was sort of inactive in the blogging world this past few months or days. I was busy with a lot of things to joggle up in my schedule.  So here I am again sharing a few things that had happened this past few days….

First, I applied for Master of Science in Computer Science in University of the Philippines Cebu (my alma mater). From which, I was given a conditional admission if I pass a set of subjects which I am currently taking up.

Second, to help me review my basic math knowledge, I accepted a job as a Tutor for Algebra and Calculus subject every Saturday at Kumon (Banilad branch).

One friend of my mine asked me “What’s got into you?”. I could only say – “I had nothing else to do”. And I would laugh at their expression. Why I am doing all this? As what my parents would say time flies fast. One day you can no longer do what you want or be what you want. So why grab something now ?

Since before I really wanted to finish or even take up Computer Science, so I challenge my self this time by taking up masters. I know it wont be that cheap and that easy. But I am willing to try. What could I possibly lose right?

As for the tutoring job, I have always been wondering how it would feel like teaching someone. And since I had my masters coming up, why not do something that would refresh my knowledge and in doing so also help other people (children)

Yeah, I got my hands a lot quite full for this year. And I am thanking God for giving me these opportunities.

And I guess these wont stop here. I’ll be opening more doors this year! Well see what would happen next.

P.S. Challenge yourself. You might be amaze what you can do when push yourself to the limits of your abilities.


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