Luckily, I am now an official graduate student in UP-Cebu taking up Master of Science in Computer Science. (Just quite a brag completing the whole thing… but just let me. ahahah)

Excitement of going back to school.

I was really excited going back to school. I mean I was wondering how things would turn out for me. Studying again means I have to juggle my work schedule and academic duties. But so far, I am still doing Ok. I mean work and school are two different worlds. In work, I had to do something regardless of complexity because I am paid for it. But in school, my only problem is passing my classes so as not to waste the tuition fee I paid in enrolling this semester. In work, sometimes I feel stupid. But so far in school, I can still understand my teacher which means I aint that stupid after all (*relief*).

I guess if you are working, you have to carefully plot the schedule wherein you wont endanger either work or school. You have to have time for each areas. I mean you have to study for the exams or discussions. Or else your academic dream will be flushed away.

Since I aim to graduate on time, I have to do careful planning and assessing priorities.

I was also excited meeting new people like my new teachers and classmates. As it turns out, they were mostly fresh graduates of UP BS CS. And my other classmates were from the CEP class, preparatory class I took before I took up my graduate study.

Well aside from being excited, I also have a few fears. My undergraduate knowledge was from way back 3-4 years ago so I have less confidence that I might be able to cope up with academic pressure. I pray that my mental capacity can still handle the topics handed to me. I also fear that my work might become a hindrance in finishing my degree. I also fear the complexity of my course work. Will I able handle it? I hope so.

To mitigate a few of these so called fears, I should have discipline and focus. I should focus on one thing at a time. For example, if I am at work, I should only think about work. When I go home or in class, I should find time to review/read/understand the lessons so as not to jeopardize my studies.

Well, I have a challenging semester ahead of me. I also have heaps of reports and tasks to do as well. But one thing we should never forget, I should finish what I started.

It was already a big leap for me that I had myself enrolled back in school. So as not to waste this chance, I have to finish this study because I want to prove to myself that I can still be what I want to be (a CS student). And learn the ropes around Computer science. Uncover more mysteries and be amazed of the networks of information that I can learn from this study.




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