Have you tried closing your eyes, feeling the wind and listening to every sound around you?

Or just staring blankly to the sunset thinking of something or someone ?

Or getting lost in thoughts to the place you wished to go?

Sometimes I do that.


Sometimes when I briskly walk to my office every day and walk pass a park, I will stop and look around.

Then I will look up in the sky.  And spread my arms and feel the wind. It’s a very nice feeling.


I can think of myself flying above the clouds looking down the city. Maybe I am hoping that out of nowhere a gust of wind would take me somewhere I meant to be. Of course, I still don’t know. But I’ve always wonder if that happens where would that be.


There are also times when I go swimming to the beach. I often dive into the water and stay under for awhile. Then I close my eyes and imagine myself being part of the waves. Feeling the coldness and hearing the sound of the wave crashing to the shore. Maybe I want it to take me somewhere too. Taking me to some place I dreamed of.

But up until this last note, I am still finding that place. Maybe I am almost there. Or soon.

Or so I think.



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