Dear Miss Coincidence,

I don’t know but every time we meet I feel like the universe conspire to fulfill my wishes.

I can only smile at times when I think my wishes were near impossible but then again you were there.

Like the last time we met, it was very short. And I found myself wishing to meet you again that day.

I did not look for you nor was able to anticipate your direction that day, but I saw you again.

I just found myself looking at you and be amazed how things like this simple wishes came true.

Was this just coincidence? I guess not.

There were so many coincidences between us already that I became doubtful if they were really coincidences.

I sometimes think that the whole universe conspire for us.

But then again, the only thing I am good at when I’m with you is just look at you.

I go speechless.

And meeting you again that day made me realize that for the past years I have been admiring you from a far, there is really something between us that is undeniably special.

Apart of me is also wishing that you feel the same way.

I ain’t quite sure how things will work out from here on.

But I’ll enjoy on that thought that…. if it’s you, anything is possible.

Take care always.




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