Everything was fast as a bullet train.
Words pouring in like rain.
And dealing with sky rocketing emotions.
It’s good to have this once in a while.
But it will be bad to get caught with it.
As an old friend says ‘Don’t let history repeats itself’.
That’s why memories exist.
They are unwritten records of your past.
We learn from the past.
Helping us evaluate the present appropriately.
So I get to ask myself a question,
“How this had happened?”
Maybe things got really really out of hand.
Maybe words did not come out right.
Maybe the moment was not appropriate.
So with all these questions in mind,
It would be wise to step back and think.
Re-evaluate the situation.
Weigh again the options or choices.
Check which part went ballistic.
No need to pinpoint whose wrong.
That’s inappropriate.
What there’s a need to correct the situation.
Would it be too late?
Unless I’ll try, I wouldn’t know.
But I only hope one thing,
I hope this goes well the second time around.



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