I have a talk with my direct supervisor one day about getting resources.

And one thing that we both agreed about is that what we get from resume are not enough.

Yes, it shows how great the school he/she was from. Or how known his/her credentials were.

But most of these people did not really lived up to what was expected to them.

Most of the time they fall short in etiquette and attitude. These two crucial points cannot be place in pen and paper.

These things can only be proven through observation and interaction.

How can we get people that we think has the right attitude and etiquette for the job ?

This boils down on how we can spot or show this during an interview.

I think it’s getting the right question asked and attentive to the answer and the manner of answering.

Most people don’t really know that the choice of words and the manner of speaking shows one’s attitude.

And his/her background from previous company gives us a glimpse of your work etiquette.

To be able to judge properly, I might need enough exposure and knowledge in this area to be able to pull this out.

And I guess it’s something I still have to work on this year.

God bless to me ^__^.



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