For the benefit of my readers who doesn’t know what “tadhana” is.

Tadhana is a tagalog word for “Destiny”.

With friends, I was curious to watch this Filipino indie film. This movie made quite a little fuss in the office. Even my workmate spoiled almost everything in the movie. But I still had fun watching.

I could consider this a chick flick movie with a touch of comedy because of the light romance going on with the characters and funny skits. The movie portrayed a girl and guy from which both are recovering from broken heart. Well, the guy I guess has definitely moved on. But the girl was still recovering from the shock of the break up from a long relationship. Two strangers who met in a slightly awkward situation. And then finding themselves going through a series of emotional roller coaster together. The movie gave a glimpse of what we all go through in recovering from broken heart (bitterness, denial, etc).

What made an impression to me was the saying “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice“. This was a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald. You can’t expect you will have the same love from two different person. It would always be different. It’s love so its unique. The guy was saying this to comfort the girl from her worries of not being loved anymore.

Another line from the guy that I like was from another movie titled: “One More Chance” :


“Baka kaya tayo iniiwan ng mga taong mahal naten, kase baka merong bagongdarating na mas OK, na mas mamahalin tayo, yung taong hindi tayo sasaktan at. … taong magtatama ng mali sa buhay naten, nang lahat ng mali sa buhay mo. “


Maybe the reason why the people we love leave us, because maybe a new one will come that is much better, that will love us better, the type of person that will never hurt us and …. a person that will make the wrong things in our life right. All the wrong things in your life“..

I hope I get the translation right. ^^ But I think that’s what it meant. A little mushy right? But not much I guess. It’s just one of the things we should always remember. It’s not a promise you’ll find someone new. Because it is a reality already. If you try hard with prayers, you’ll always find someone better for you.

The Thing Called Tadhana was just simple movie with few characters to portray about love and moving on.

It’s a simple and nice movie worth watching ! ^^

~ Grinalk 2015 ~


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