It was Friday.

His usual day to go out to have a drink or two. 

It will be different this time. Because he’ll be meeting his friend Kara for a talk. She was kind of excited over the phone. I think it had something to do with the ring she had been wearing. I guess it’s finally coming to that, he thought.

Kara was his closest friend since middle school. He just knew Marc when Kara introduced her on a party years ago. She had been engaged to him for 2 years already. And the couple have not picked any date yet for the wedding. 

It’s 7:30 PM last time he checked his watch as he made his way to the pub.

He has been coming here since he rented a place a few blocks away. He loved the place. The noise. The smell. Everything here reminds him of the place he once called home way back in New Orleans. It has been 10 years since he settled in this town.

He opened the door and made his way to the nearest available table. It seems today was not busy. Only a few people came. A few girls on the next table straight ahead looking at him. One of them winked at him. She was in her mid twenties. Beautiful with a blonde hair. And inviting. She got beautiful legs too. I think I am seeing red down there. He thought and smiled at her. And she smiled back. He looked at her again and about to go over. But then, a voice at the back exclaimed , “Stop. Where do you think you’re going?” Kara blurted. And gave a glare at the girls which suddenly looked uninterested.

He said with a smile. “Don’t give that killer smile you know it won’t work on me”.

Kara was a beauty. Standing 5’10” feet tall with a vital stats of  32-23-33. She had a long black hair. Smart and stunningly beautiful. Tony was wondering what kept Marc from officially tying the nut for 2 years.

“Oh common. Don’t be like that. How long has it been? 3 days?”

“3 days? I can’t get a hold of you for a month! I was just lucky to talk to you yesterday”

He forgot. He was out for a quite a long time because of work.

“What happened to you ? Are you okay?. You looked thin. “

“Hey Mom, stop right there! aren’t you going to tell me something? I crossed the narrow seas to hear what you are going to tell me?”

Kara seemed to forget the reason of this meeting out of her worry to a friend.

“Oh yeah, but after that, you’ll tell me what happened to you okay?”

“Ohh okay. I promised.”

She settled down to the chair opposite to him. Blocking his view to the ladies in front of him.

“It’s about Marc. I think he is thinking about the wedding. I think it would be in a few months!”

“Wait. You two haven’t talked about this yet? It’s been 2 years Kara.”

“We already talked that we will take things slowly. I can’t put a pressure on him. He has been working quite a lot. Sometimes he missed weekends for work.”

“Okay. What made you think this will be the year?”

“I got a call from a tailor yesterday looking for him”

“Wait. A tailor? Oh common. It might be about some ruined suits.”, he interrupted.

“No. I don’t think I will be the last to know. I do his laundry you know.”

“Okay. So what about this call?”

“So this Menard guy told me that their meeting will be rescheduled next week due to some technical repairs going on in the shop”

“Okay. So the shop has been destroyed by aliens. So what?”

“Tony stop that.”

“Alright. So what about knowing this schedule?”

“Please just hear me out. okay?”

Tony looked at Kara thinking that it will definitely pissed her off if he will utter another rude remark. “Okay.” he said.

“But before that call, Marc wanted to have a dinner with me at Tiffany’s tomorrow.”

Then she shivered in excitement.

“It’s at Tiffany’s Tony! You know the place means so much for me.”

He thought, Yeah. The Tiffany’s. 2 years ago, it was Marc with four funny looking guys, serenaded my friend here. And asked her to marry her. She was all over it for a week. Talking to me how it was so sweet. I nearly puke of all the sweetness.

“So what do you think?”

“Well, honestly. You might be right. If it’s not the suits, it might be about the wedding dress”, he lied. He did not think of that.

“Really? I knew it!. Ohhh!! I hope I am not pressuring him that much. But I am already sending out signals that I wanted it this year”

“Maybe those signals reached him”

She glared at him.

“Seriously! I am not bluffing”

“Okay. I really looking forward of it tomorrow.” Kara smiled like a kid who is about to unwrap her gift.

“So, what about you?”

“About me? What about me?” Tony looking uninterested on the topic.

“Oh Tony. What are you doing with your life? You’re just all work. You haven’t have a girlfriend that I know of. Or are you swinging the other way” She pushed her face closer to him making him feel awkward.

“Stop, okay? If I’d be gay, you’ll be the first one to know. And yes, I don’t have a girlfriend. But I have more interesting girls not be befriend with.” Tony lend to his left and let out a smile to the girls at the back of Kara. The girls giggled.

“Okay okay. You’re not waving the pride flag. But what are your plans? When will stop raging fire to every women’s heart and start giving warm to someone you can go home to”

“Kara, don’t worry about me. You still have a wedding to prepare right? So focus on that.”

“But Tony..”

“Kara, I said don’t worry about me or my love life. I have more love to give to all the girl I want.”

Kara let out a big sigh.

“She really changed you. That bitch really gave you a big blow.”

“It has been 5 years Kara. Do you think she even mattered to me right now? Don’t give her that much credit.”

“Okay. Sorry for bringing her up. But I hope you’ll not end up alone, Tony”

“I wont Kara. I won’t”

Good thing Kara did not press more on the topic. And just enjoyed talking with him about his life so far for the past few months. But on the back of mind, he was thinking, when will all the search end? 


“It’s Friday! you should go out” Mary’s friend Stela exclaimed.

“No, I still got reports to do” Mary retorted.

“Don’t be like that. Ken will not ask you out if you turned to be a hag with a broomstick staying dark in this place.” Stela said laughingly.

“As if he would. He can’t even get close to a meter to me without feeling nervous.”

“We all know that’s because he likes you that much”

“Really? Do you think?”

“Yeah. As clear as the sky tonight. So let’s go. I already called him so he should be coming here any moment now”

“Oh you did not!”

“Yes I did!” then Stela ran to her room laughingly.

“Stela !!!!” Mary shouted.

“Oh you’ll gonna thank me Mary! I love you!! ” Stela replied

Oh god. I have to prepare. Stela I will kill you for this. Geez. She thought.

She  opened her dresser and looked for something casual.

A pair of skinny pants and a t-shirt, I guess this should do it.

She had a quick shower and dressed herself and face the mirror.

She can’t helped but noticed how fine she was in her late twenties.
Standing about 5’7″ feet tall with statistics of 32-23-34.
All those work out vids and yoga really paid off.

Then the bell rang, she knew it was Ken.

Wait a minute. She replied

When she opened the door, there stood a man in his early twenties with washed up jeans and leather jacket.

For a minute, Ken looked like some actor in one of action movies she was watching.

“Hi Mary. Good evening. Stela called asking if I wanted to come with you tonight. Would you mind?”

“Oh no she shouldn’t.” Stela appeared at her back.

“Off we go!” She added. Mary has no time to reply and just let her friend drag her.

They arrived about 7:30 PM.

As Stela opened the door, welcome ladies and gentlemen, this is the Pub.

Mary entered and can’t help but noticed the walls are a variety of brown hues that glow golden from the yellow lights hanging from the rafters. The interior has a warm glow to it to have a homey feel. She missed home.

Common, let sit there. Stela said.

They made their way at the far left table. And order something to eat.

While eating, she can’t helped but notice a guy talking to woman from the table right to them. 
What a great couple. She thought.

The woman was a beauty.

And the guy. She looked closely as if the surrounding was disappearing.

The guy I think was about 6 feet tall. Quite thin but toned. He got this weird smile he kept giving to the girls from the table in front of them. This clearly pisses off the woman he was with.

Why is he doing that? She wondered.

Hey! Stela interrupted her.

What the hell are you doing? You looked like you are about to cast a spell or something.

Ken looked puzzled as well.

No nothing. I just thought of something. Mary answered.

So how was work? Ken asked

Wrong question! Don’t asked her about work. Stela interrupted.

Geez Ken. I know you been wanting to ask her about…

Stela, that’s enough already. Mary interrupted and glared at Stela.

Okay okay I will stop. I will go right over there to give you sometime together, lovebirds!

Then she made her to the next table talking to some strangers they don’t know.

Sorry about that. She is just like that sometimes but she is really good. Mary explained.

No problem. I think I pisses her off. Ken replied.

No not really. Mary smiled.

About last summer, the thing I asked you about, what do you think?

What about it? Mary asked.

He referred to one night last summer when he asked to be his girlfriend. That time Mary was preparing for some big deal in her work that she replied to think about it.

What is your answer? Ken asked.

She looked at Ken.
He was gorgeous, dark wavy hair, smooth thin face.

But there was no spark.

They’ve been friends for 7 years. And just last summer he just changed from being her friend to her lover.

Those 7 years might be put to waste if I broke his heart. She thought.

Okay She said.

Okay. You mean yes? Ken who seemed to be someone about to win a lottery ticket.

Yes. She replied.

Woah! Yes! Ken shouted. Wohooo!

Thank you he said and kissed her.

Okay, settle your self. Mary said.

Oh! Finally! Congrats to the both of you. Stela appeared to their table with a tray of beers.

Have these you two. And Cheers!!

It was a long night for Mary. Maybe because other than saving the friendship she had, she lied to her self. In her heart, she is hoping that maybe in the coming days, she might learn to love him.


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