This article will not tackle on who’s educated or not. Cause I don’t know anyone in the pic. But I want to share my POV and observation on this matter as a runner for 2 years.

During running events, plastic cups and foams all around.
Whenever I run, I bring my cup with me if I cant find a garbage can or bin.
It’s not that heavy to affect my pace.

So I wondered why all those people running are throwing those stuff whenever they are done with them? Does throwing those in any direction gives them a boost on speed? Or does that make them look cool or awesome?
In my POV, no, it wont. Sorry, they just look stupid because you can find a garbage bin a few meters away.

I love and enjoy fun runs and marathon cause I see lots of people of different walks of life, young & old, trying their best achieving the same goal as mine, to reach that finish line.

But what pisses me off mostly is seeing this scenario in ALL RUNS I had (both Government and Private sponsored runs).
I always get reminded how irresponsible people could get.

Sad really when we are trying to be FIT AND HEALTHY WITHIN but our attitude towards our environment still sucks.

I really would like to URGE THE ORGANIZERS TO STOP PROVIDING CUPS AND FOAMS in events like this. They should encourage people to bring their water bottles. Let’s teach ourselves to be responsible. Cebu or anywhere in the world, let’s all have garbage-free runs or marathons!

I am a RUNNER.
And finishing my marathon and runs is NOT MY EXCUSE TO BE IRRESPONSIBLE.



PS. This article was grabbed from my official FB Page

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