A deafening noise I could hear from afar,
There was a voice that says I should look up above for a star.
I looked up but the light brought darkness into my eyes,
And I wonder, does the voice wanted me to be blind?
As I lower my head in panic, I stumbled;
And on my knees, I felt the ground suddenly rumbled.
“What was coming?” I shouted for I couldn’t see,
The fear of the unknown came into me.
The noise grew louder and the rumbling came closing in,
And in fright, I could hear my heart loudly beating.
But when I pulled myself up and started to run,
In the last minute, the noise and rumbling was gone.
I started to calm down and adjusted my sight,
Because I wanted to see what caused my fright,
And then I saw a figure of someone in front of me,
And then hugged me and said these words to me.
“It will be okay. I drove them away”
“Don’t be afraid, I am here to stay”
For some reason, my tears came falling like rain that day,
And I couldn’t muster the words to say.
Then I woke up and realized I was only dreaming,
But this dream gave me a heavy heart feeling.
A mystery was the person who was with me,
I dont even know if that person existed in reality.
In my heart I hope we meet someday.
For there are things I wanted to say.
Up to this very day, this is still a mystery,
Of who was that person who pulled me up and stayed with me.

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