Dear Little Heart, please listen to me.

I have something to say and it wont be easy.

I know you are down and sad lately,

Cause a lot of things happening that were not pretty.

Please hear me Little Heart what I am about to say,

But just to warn you this wont brightened your day.

But this is pure honesty Little Heart from me,

Because I treasure you so deeply.

You’ve been scared for sometime, Little Heart.

And you’ve built high walls that made you a Lonely Heart.

You runaway when Love came Little Heart,

And you chase Lies that deluded you from the start.

Please be still Little Heart and open up a little,

Enjoy  the pouring Rain and even the Drizzle.

Fear not the Sun for it wont burn you away,

And let the Wind take you very far away.

Take chances Little Heart cause that gives Life a Thrill,

Just be careful to draw the line between Fantasy and Real.

So I hope you understand these things Little Heart.

And I hope you grow Strong and live to be a Happy Heart.



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