The origin of this world is still a mystery even for the seasoned scholars and great minds of Kaladesh. All they knew was the world is like a floating plate on space. And that what goes beyond the edges is nothingness.

In this world, magic is part of each Etherian. But it only manifest at a certain point in their lives.

This world is made of 4 major lands & a sea:

  1. Kaladesh
    • The Center
    • Land of Science and Magic.
    • Home of the greatest minds and mages of various races.
    • Within this land lies the rarest arcana that holds great power
  2. Zendikar
    • East of Kaladesh
    • Land of Forest Elves
    • Home of the Ancient Tree “Adam”.
    • It was believed that Adam has been with Etherum since the “Dawn of Time”
  3. Innistrad
    • The West
    • Land of Secrets and Espionage
    • Home of the best rouges & mercenaries in all Etherum
    • An elite team of Innistradis consists of 5 once took down a whole city that had the strongest and most well trained armies.
  4. Oleyian
    • The North
    • Land of Ice
    • Home of the greatest fighters
    • At a young age, Oleyians were already sent to survive in the cold arid weather with only a bag of meat and a knife.
  5. Agean
    • The South
    • The Great Sea
    • Home of the Water Elves and Mermaids
    • Although silent and passive, the Ageans has been longing to reclaim what was theirs.

After years of peace and harmony, this world will soon be shaken by battles of light and dark.

Who will win decides the fate of Etherum

© 2016 Charles Anthony Lerasan All Rights Reserved


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