To those people who have known me for quite sometimes like my closest friends, they had a pretty good idea how my mind works.

If you hate me or have a problem with me, without even telling me, I won’t draw out the reason/explanation from you. In the first place, it is not my problem, it is your problem. I won’t ask you “Why?”. My personality is not a Confronter. Okay, I might be asking you “why” in an indirect way but I would not confront you about it.

People like me dont wag our tails to people who dont like us. If it is about work, we can be as professional at work as we can be. But there is nothing more outside from it. We also have a limit in patience. And once exhausted, those people who dont like us or impose conflict without cause will no longer exist in our circle. And that is regardless of reason. Pretty much stubborn I guess but that’s how my mind works.

I might have had destroyed some of my old relationships. But so far, none of them I regretted. Either it was already bound to end or staying will cause me more stress.

In this world, as you grow old, the coming  years will no longer be a contest of who got a lot of friends, what would matter would be who you can count on when things go rough and would be there to celebrate your life stories.


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