This is my film review on one of the movies in the MMFF which is Saving Sally. By the way, this is not a technical review.

For me, Saving Sally is a feel-good movie. It has drama but was carefully arranged not to be the center of the entire film. And this movie reminds each one of us that THE MOVIE is not just about the actors in it. It is everything (the background, the set, the actors, the story etc).I had fun reading the signs at the background. Pretty clever idea! The background has something to tell as well.

For me, the movie shows how two people expresses their feelings based on their individual struggles. Marty shows it in his sketches or drawings while Sally shows it in her inventions.

I like what Sally did when she was confronted by Marty’s feeling. It was I guess close to what should really happened.

Another noteworthy in the movie is the animation. The animation was flawless. There were parts in the movie that I got confused if it was just an animation or a real object. The scenes were like wallpapers in my computer. Very rich in color. It’s like watching a Pixar movie. There were simple scenes like bus stops or stores but the background and the details were good and cleverly placed.

Just one itsy bitsy thing I could have wished for was that Saving Sally would have been using tagalog or filipino as its language in the movie. But I guess, the point of using English was to have lesser translation works and more audiences to cater since majority can understand English. The characters in the movie did speak well in English.

That aside, the whole movie was good. Worth watching!

P.S. Dont just watch the actors, watch everything and read everything in each scene. Don’t miss a signage or a store name. 🙂



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