As I woke up, I found myself flying on an aircraft. I could see the vast land of Innistrad under my feet. The vast land of Sand which is a home of the greatest assassins in all of Etherum.

Assassins. When we were kids, my mom always warn us to stay home during the night because there is one rogue assassin killing children at the streets. Well, there were few missing children cases back then. But that was like years ago. The tale of the rogue assassin was not even real I think.

Innistrad is really a barren land. I sometimes wonder how come there are still people living in this harsh environment. Few trees. Few rivers. Few Animals. What a sad place really compared to Zendikar which is its exact opposite, I thought.

Looking down the vast land at this height, I felt a chill running from my spine. Though shaking, I kept a strong grasp on bar I was hanging on.

Wait! I was hanging? I told myself. I looked around and saw the man in the aircraft yelling at me. Hey Ignis! You have to let go! Don’t pass out this time!, that’s all I could hear from him.

The guy was my brother, Hadion. I now remember that I was here to test one of Hadion’s invention which I think this metal device I was wearing. Hadion was one the chief inventor of Haeynatal. And you could say I am his assistant.

I need to let go? Why it had to be this high? I complained. I looked back at Hadion who gave me an angry stare. Okay, okay, I thought and smiled back at him. I looked down again. I had to do this quick before it gets darker, I told myself.

I closed my eyes and convinced myself that nothing bad will happen. And then with shaking hands, I let go.

no-fault-of-their-own-they-re-trying-harder-and-falling-down-uhwzaf-clipartI was flying! I felt very brave. Ignis of the Sky! I smiled at the thought. I opened my eyes and I realized  that I was falling too fast. Then I started to panic. I grabbed the machine I was wearing. It gave out a little sound and nothing happens. Wait, what does this supposed to do? I closed my eyes and tried to remember what Hadion had told me. But I was too scared now. Nothing came into my mind. Damn! I shouted in my head. I pressed all the buttons but nothing happens. I could feel the pressure and I could see that the ground was getting closer and closer. “Maybe 1000 feet? This is no time for estimation. I need to figure out how to survive this!”, I told myself.

I closed my eyes and think. Then I heard a whisper in my ear, “Yala onna en’ vilya”. Summon the air? Why would I say that? I asked myself. This is no time for some fancy old spells right now. I don’t even have magic!, I screamed in my thoughts. But the words kept repeating in my head like a lyric from a song. I opened my eyes and I could see that I was just a few feet before I will see the Moon Goddess.

I couldn’t think of anything now. And with a confused voice, I let out “Yala onna en’ vilya”. Nothing happens. Shit! I told myself. “Yala onna en’ vilya” I shouted. Still nothing happens. And then it came to me a conversation I had with dad one time. My father told me that spells only work when you are in complete focus. Geez, how can I focus! I am falling for Goddess’ sake. But I have to try, I told myself. So I closed my eyes and took deep breaths to try to calm myself. And slowly like a whisper I spoke “Yala onna en’ vilya”. I felt a warm and tingly feeling in my chest and then it run from my chest to my arms and out to my fingers. What is this feeling? I asked myself. Is this what they call Magic?

I waited for awhile but nothing happens. But I felt something. I was hopeful for a sec that it would work. Who am I kidding, I knew this would happen. I am no istar. I have no magic. And I would die because of some stupid machine malfunction. Hadion I will haunt you!, I told myself.

As I was about to say my farewell to the world, I realized that something was pushing me up. I opened my eyes and I felt like I am no longer falling. Then I noticed that I was being held by a circling stream of air. Wow! I exclaimed. What I do next? . As I was thinking, the hold got unstable. Woah! Am I going to fall again? I  need to think fast!

paul_floatI need to clear my mind and stay in focus, I told myself. Then the shaking stopped. Okay, I need to maintain this, I told myself. So how do I move? I asked again. I look around and I found myself still a few feet above the ground. Enough height to shatter my bones upon impact, I told myself.

Then I heard a familiar voice at my back. I turned around and saw Hadrion’s aircraft coming towards me. He was shouting something. I bet he is really worried. But he needed not to worry, I got this all covered. Then suddenly what was holding me was gone.

Shh waaah ! I was now falling again! As I was about to panic, a mechanical arm grabbed me by the waist and got a hold of me. It pulled me towards the aircraft. Then placed me at the seat next to Hadrion.

That was really close! Ignis are you okay? You made me worried sick back there! Hadrion said with a very terrified look at his face. And wait, did you just float? he asked with a hint of amazement. I can’t answer about the floating part since I myself did not know why it happened. So I ignored that question and explained to him that his machine did not work and all the panic.

Okay, let’s call it a day, Hadrion told me. More of this I think I’ll get a heart attack. I need to check the machine why this happened, He added. For now, no more flying machines unless it really flies, I added. Okay, sorry. I will check before we do another test, he explained. And we flew towards Haeynatal.

While we were on our way, I was still thinking how I was able to summon the air. A part of me was excited since for the first time, I was able to do magic. And not just any magic but air magic! But I had so many questions in my mind that I need to talk to father when I get home like who’s voice that whispered those words to me? What is that power I felt inside? What that what they call as magic? How is that even possible? And how can I do magic when the istar told me that I cannot do magic. Tonight I will have my answers.

I wont forget this since this is the day, I was able to summon Air!


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