I will start this article by saying that all you will about to read happened in a dream.

“A dream” I kept telling that to myself for the past 5 years I guess. But up until this moment, it can still make me cry like how I cried about her on the first time it happened. I could not remember the whole dream sequence. I can only recall a fragment of it. I know that dreams are sometimes fragment of past events that we had experience. But I cant remember any past events with her. And to make things worst, I cant remember her face.

I am writing this now cause I dont know how long will I be able to snap out of it. And a part of me hopes that if she is somewhere out there, she finds this article.

So the dream started like this..

It was a very nice day in some kind of a school cause we were all wearing uniform. She grabbed me by the hand and smiled at me. She said “Let’s go”. There was sweetness on her tone that made me smile as well. She had a very beautiful smile. She also had  long hair. She about a few inches taller than me. But I didnt mind. That certain moment I knew that I really liked her. I really enjoyed her company at that time. While we were chatting with friends something came up that we had to run away. Someone chased us and we were both frightened. I hold her hand tight while we made our way to amaze of buildings. She looked at me and smiled. But I could tell she was worried. So to calm her I hugged her and told her that everything will be alright. We went on top of the highest building, I guess we were hoping that a help will come. But there was no one. Then suddenly darkness started to engulf the whole area. And it slowly crept up to where we are. I embraced her and reassured her that someone will help us. She looked at me. And now I could see tears in her eyes. “Don’t cry. I will be here. I wont leave you. We’ll fight this together”, I assured her. I was scared but I needed to be strong for her. I never been this brave for someone. At that moment, I wanted to protect her. I didn’t want to lose her.

She smiled and hugged me. Then suddenly she kissed me. They say that true love’s kiss will give you butterfly in the stomach. At that moment, I did have them. And my heart was about to explode at that moment. Like I want to shout that world, I love her. But then she said something to me. I can’t remember what it was. Then suddenly I found myself being pulled away from her. I struggled. I wanted to get out. I wanted to be with her. I held her hand so tight. She looked at me and smiled. Then she let go. I shouted “No. Please, no. Please I love you. Please I wanted to be with you.” I kept shouting  and tried to break free. But it was no use. I was getting far and far away from her. She looked at me with a sad face. And then the darkness engulfed her.

I woke up crying. And part of me died with that dream. Some part of me was convince, she was real. And that she did exist and it all did happened.

In that dream, she made me feel something I never felt before. I dont know if it was love. But if it’s not love, I dont know what it is.

Remembering that dream still makes me sad and sometimes I still end up crying. Because I lost her, the person I truly loved.

I write for her in poems, in short stories or in quotes hoping that those simple things will reach her.

A part of me is hoping that we will meet some day in this reality and be together.

And so I wait for that time comes. Until then, I will write till I can write no more about her and about that feeling she made me feel.

@Copyright 2017


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