Dearest Love,

For most of the time , we’ve never been a perfect couple;
We fight a lot and put our relationship into trouble.
But even though the odds and struggles seemed like forever,
I am just glad we made it through and never gave up on each other.

I ain’t the romantic type but you knew how much I love you,
I ain’t good with dates but I wont forget the day I first kissed you.
I don’t have much wealth to offer but I could share to you what I have,
And romantically, you’re the only person I ever really loved.

I can’t thank you enough for being part of my life,
And I hope we always make it through all odds and strife.
I know we’ve had it rough cause this is the first time we’re apart,
However, listen to these last lines for this is from my heart.

Endless talks over the laptop and on the phone,
You always remind me I am not alone.
You’re like a breath of fresh air in my mornings,
And a cozy warm bed in my evenings.

I long to hold your hand every single day,
Spending a whole day with you is something I solemnly pray.
My memories with you always makes me smile,
And I hope our love goes beyond the distance in miles.

Though this letter is short and simple,
I hope I get across my message of love to you,
Even though this world has millions of people,
It doesn’t matter cause I’d still want to be with you.

I love you always,

@copyright 2017 charles anthony lerasan


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