Here’s another movie that keeps reminding us that we should pursue our dreams and not be hindered by fear. This movie showed in anthromorphic way that each animals of different walks of life chased their dreams or face their fears or adversaries.

We have a gorilla that want to follow a path different from what his father want him to be. A mom who amidst her busy life as a mother of tons of kids and a wife wants to pursue her life long passion of singing. A hedgehog who was being underestimated by her boyfriend. An elephant who have stage fright but with an outstanding vocals (well, I am no vocal coach or something, but she sure gives me “good” creeps when she sings). And a koala who believed that these animals can be the best animal they can be.

So what is my take away in this movie:

  1. Not all we want to do or even our goals can be achieve like it’s just a walk in the park. Most of the times we will find ourselves at a crossroad where we do a self-check if have that strong determination on achieving our goals.
  2. Not doing it now doesn’t mean you will never be able to do it like the mother in the movie. Maybe you had put on hold on that dream/goal because of some priority. But as the movie shows you will soon have that time when you can have it. So keep practicing or keep the fire burning until it happens. And when that time comes, grab it and don’t hold back.
  3. Not everyone will be happy about it. Like the gorilla and the hedgehog, we wont have always the approval from everyone. But as the movie suggests if it makes you happy and you are not hurting anyone, do it. Don’t be hold be back. Sooner or later those people will come around esp those people you loved.
  4. As the old “cliche” goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way. It means no matter what hinders you along the way, if you really want it or love it, you can always find a way.
  5. And lastly,

    Do what you love to do.

Our limitations is not actually our abilities or skills but our mindset. If we focus our mind, time, skills and resources, we can achieve anything. Also we have those people we love and love us who will be there to support us in whatever we want to do. Tap some confidence and strength from them if you have to.

Overall, the movie was a feel-good movie that you can watch with friends and family over pizza/popcorn.

@copyright 2017. Charles Anthony Lerasan


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