I just wanted to share a very short talk I had with a fitness trainer  yesterday:

Trainer: Totoo kaya yung mga zombies? (Are zombies real?)

Me (in mind) :
The fictional concept surrounding the zombie idea is just absurd. I mean rotten body but moving around like marathon runners. Even if the concept was real, disposing them is very easy. I just dont get the people in the zombie movie why they are having hard time dealing them. I mean they can just be put into fire because of the current state of the body. And they are very much predictable. Their population in every movie are stupendous! I mean really? And again, the body are rotten. So how come no one can smell them like meters away? And without doing anything, they can still die on their own cause again they are decomposing.
Me (in actual conversation):
Nope, they can’t be real. I do believe vampires and werewolves are close to reality. Just saying.
Trainer: Oo nga. Mukhang totoo sila. I mean, meron naman talagang mga aswang. (Yeah , I think they are real. I mean aswang do exist)
Me: Yeah. Zombies. Phew!. Who would be believe that?

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