Me at 31

I forgot when I started writing an article dedicated to myself to somehow celebrate the day I was born.
This is more like a summary of everything from the year passed.
If you want to be entertained, you are welcome to read.
But I encourage you to keep your opinions to yourself. Just enjoy or ignore ūüôā

So here goes..

Today is my 31st Birthday.
I am NOT married yet. Although I have a few friends who just got married this year esp one of my closest friend in college.
I am STILL SINGLE. I intentionally highlighted that part ^^. Still looking for my SIGNIFICANT OTHER. And yes, I am 31 yrs. old.
I have NOT fathered any kids yet ( I did hope so .. joke )

So my 2017 was actually a tough journey.
I started the year with a new chapter in my career.
And it was my first time staying a few islands away from home for months.
New place. No relatives. Few people I know of.
It was truly a blessing that I found a good place to stay.

Career was very challenging as well.
I could have not have made it through if I didn’t have the support from my family and my friends (to mention: Geya, Miss Clare, Simon, Nara, Razel, the rest of HOTS team, and Cookie Team in Nokia and etc).
I am blessed to have that emotional and intellectual support from these guys and girls ^^.
I battled it out with frustrations, stress, negativity and all other odds for the past months.
I admit I almost packed up and walk away. But I did not.
I just took another leap of faith.
And kept hoping that things will turned out okay.
And so it did turn out okay. And I am thankful that all went well.

I learned a lot from myself and from people I came to know this year.
I am very grateful to be surround with amazing and challenging people.
Knowing that the limit of one’s capability to learn is one’s willingness and desire to learn.

Aging is inevitable because it is part of life.
As we all age, some of us just grow old but never grow up.
I hope to continue growing in wisdom and learn more things in life.

I extend my greatest thanks to all the people that has been part of 2017.
It is an awesome year for me with you guys with it!

If I had to wish one thing, I hope I could live long enough so I could share more wonderful memories with the people I love (and like ^^).

Merry Christmas Everyone!



Goodbye Till We Meet Again

I picked up the keys. I did not look back. I would have wanted to see you one last time. But I did not. I might find myself on my knees in front of you asking you to reconsider. You made your choice and I made mine. I hope you will not think those years we had together was a waste. Those smiles and those laughter we both shared will always be in my heart.

As I open this door and step out of your room, I am stepping out of your life forever. I pray we both will have good future though now as strangers. I hope next time we meet I hope to see your smile again. And hopefully, I could smile back without harboring ill feelings towards you. It might take time but it will come.

Sad. But at least, for those years together, I had the best time of my life with you. And now, it will all be in the past.


Zombies Cant Be Real

I just wanted to share a very short talk I had with a fitness trainer  yesterday:

Trainer: Totoo kaya yung mga zombies? (Are zombies real?)

Me (in mind) :
The fictional concept surrounding the zombie idea is just absurd. I mean rotten body but moving around like marathon runners. Even if the concept was real, disposing them is very easy. I just dont get the people in the zombie movie why they are having hard time dealing them. I mean they can just be put into fire because of the current state of the body. And they are very much predictable. Their population in every movie are stupendous! I mean really? And again, the body are rotten. So how come no one can smell them like meters away? And without doing anything, they can still die on their own cause again they are decomposing.
Me (in actual conversation):
Nope, they can’t be real. I do believe vampires and werewolves are close to reality. Just saying.
Trainer: Oo nga. Mukhang totoo sila. I mean, meron naman talagang mga aswang. (Yeah , I think they are real. I mean aswang do exist)
Me: Yeah. Zombies. Phew!. Who would be believe that?

Be with You

Dearest Love,

For most of the time , we’ve never been a perfect couple;
We fight a lot and put our relationship into trouble.
But even though the odds and struggles seemed like forever,
I am just glad we made it through and never gave up on each other.

I ain’t the romantic type but you knew how much I love you,
I ain’t good with dates but I wont forget the day I first kissed you.
I don’t have much wealth to offer but I could share to you what I have,
And romantically, you’re the only person I ever really loved.

I can’t thank you enough for being part of my life,
And I hope we always make it through all odds and strife.
I know we’ve had it rough cause this is the first time we’re apart,
However, listen to these last lines for this is from my heart.

Endless talks over the laptop and on the phone,
You always remind me I am not alone.
You’re like a breath of fresh air in my mornings,
And a cozy warm bed in my evenings.

I long to hold your hand every single day,
Spending a whole day with you is something I solemnly pray.
My memories with you always makes me smile,
And I hope our love goes beyond the distance in miles.

Though this letter is short and simple,
I hope I get across my message of love to you,
Even though this world has millions of people,
It doesn’t matter cause I’d still want to be with you.

I love you always,

@copyright 2017 charles anthony lerasan

Sing Movie Review: Do What You Love To Do

Here’s another movie that keeps reminding us that we should pursue our dreams and not be hindered by fear. This movie showed in anthromorphic¬†way that each animals of different walks of life chased their dreams or face their fears or adversaries.

We have a gorilla that want to follow a path different from what his father want him to be. A mom who amidst her busy life as a mother of tons of kids and a wife wants to pursue her life long passion of singing. A hedgehog who was being underestimated by her boyfriend.¬†An elephant who have stage fright but with an outstanding vocals (well, I am no vocal coach or something, but she sure gives me “good” creeps when she sings). And a koala who believed that these animals can be the best animal they can be.

So what is my take away in this movie:

  1. Not all we want to do or even our goals can be achieve like it’s just a walk in the park. Most of the times we will find ourselves at a crossroad where we do a self-check if have that strong determination on achieving our goals.
  2. Not doing it now doesn’t mean you will never be able to do it like the mother in the movie. Maybe you had put on hold on that dream/goal because of some priority. But as the movie shows you will soon have that time when you can have it. So keep practicing or keep the fire burning until it happens. And when that time comes, grab it and don’t hold back.
  3. Not everyone will be happy about it. Like the gorilla and the hedgehog, we wont have always the approval from everyone. But as the movie suggests if it makes you happy and you are not hurting anyone, do it. Don’t be hold be back. Sooner or later those people will come around esp those people you loved.
  4. As the old “cliche” goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way. It means no matter what hinders you along the way, if you really want it or love it, you can always find a way.
  5. And lastly,

    Do what you love to do.

Our limitations is not actually our abilities or skills but our mindset. If we focus our mind, time, skills and resources, we can achieve anything. Also we have those people we love and love us who will be there to support us in whatever we want to do. Tap some confidence and strength from them if you have to.

Overall, the movie was a feel-good movie that you can watch with friends and family over pizza/popcorn.

@copyright 2017. Charles Anthony Lerasan

Arrival Movie Reflection: To See Beyond

If you knew your life from start to finish, will you change it?
Maybe I wont.
If you will foresee pain, you will feel it twice when it happens.
If you will foresee happiness, you will cherish it more at that very moment.
I don’t have that gift nor the power, but if I did;
I would wish not to have it.
Cause I’d rather..
.. let the future unfold in front of me.
.. let myself be surprise of the things in store for me.
.. feel pain when it comes.
.. treat each moments as if it will be the last
It’s already challenging for me to live day by day.
And the additional details of knowing the future will put me into more stress.
And that is no fun at all.
@copyright2017 Charles Anthony Lerasan

Teach Not Read

When I was a trainer, I usually memorize everything in my slides. I don’t want any thing written on it that I am not aware of. I want to appear to my students confident on my topic. I don’t want to be caught off guard during discussion wherein I cannot explain or answer what is written on my slide. It is a teaching disaster!

So, when I become I trainee myself, I really can’t stand trainers who just read their slides. Slides are just there for you to guide yourself in the discussion not for you to read in front of your students. If you start reading them aloud to your students, you are just lowering yourself as the same level with them. And that’s not good. Students should feel they can rely on¬†you on the topics and not be worried that you don’t know the topic as well.

One rule of thumb I learned when I was a trainer, “maintain eye contact to your students”. Or at least, you should be looking at your students most of the time than your slides. Looking at them will give you an idea of your students’ state while you were teaching. Are they bored? Are they listening? Am I making sense? I always do this when I am training.

When I teach them about a topic, I will look at them for 2-3 secs. Then I will get a pretty good idea if they understood me or not. If they did not understand, I will go over it again or I will have them ask me questions before I proceed or I will ask them questions. Asking them questions will guide me what part of the topic was not clear to them.

I will not “read” the whole slide, and then ask “do you have any questions?”. Well, of course, they wont have questions, they just read the whole slide.

Knowing your students’ state while you are teaching will alert you that you need to change something. This is will ¬†be an improvement action to you as a trainer.

That’s why teaching is a two-way learning, your students learn from you and you learn from them as well.

So when you teach, please don’t read. Or at least, minimize reading.

@copyright 2017. Charles Anthony Lerasan


The Untold Story About Her

I will start this article by saying that all you will about to read happened in a dream.

“A dream” I kept telling that to myself for the past 5 years I guess. But up until this moment, it can still make me cry like how I cried about her on the first time it happened. I could not remember the whole dream sequence. I can only recall a fragment of it. I know that dreams are sometimes fragment of past events that we had experience. But I cant remember any past events with her. And to make things worst, I cant remember her face.

I am writing this now cause I dont know how long will I be able to snap out of it. And a part of me hopes that if she is somewhere out there, she finds this article.

So the dream started like this..

It was a very nice day in some kind of a school cause we were all wearing uniform. She grabbed me by the hand and smiled at me. She said “Let’s go”. There was sweetness on her tone that made me smile as well. She had a very beautiful smile. She also had ¬†long hair. She about a few inches taller than me. But I didnt¬†mind. That certain moment I knew that I really liked her. I really enjoyed her company at that time. While we were chatting with friends something came up that we had to run away. Someone chased us and we were both frightened. I hold her hand tight while we made our way to amaze of buildings. She looked at me and smiled. But I could tell she was worried. So to calm her I hugged her and told her that everything will be alright. We went on top of the highest building, I guess we were hoping that a help will come.¬†But there was no one. Then suddenly darkness started to engulf the whole area. And it slowly crept up to where we are. I embraced her and reassured her that someone will help us. She looked at me. And now I could see tears in her eyes. “Don’t cry. I will be here. I wont leave you. We’ll fight this together”, I assured her. I was scared but I needed to be strong for her. I never been this brave for someone. At that moment, I wanted to protect her. I didn’t want to lose her.

She smiled and hugged me. Then suddenly she kissed me. They say that true love’s kiss will give you butterfly in the stomach. At that moment, I did have them. And my heart was about to explode at that moment. Like I want to shout that world, I love her. But then she said something to me. I can’t remember what it was. Then suddenly I found myself being pulled away from her. I struggled. I wanted to get out. I wanted to be with her. I held her hand so tight. She looked at me and smiled. Then she let go. I shouted “No. Please, no. Please I love you. Please I wanted to be with you.” I kept shouting ¬†and tried to break free. But it was no use. I was getting far and far away from her. She looked at me with a sad face. And then the darkness engulfed her.

I woke up crying. And part of me died with that dream. Some part of me was convince, she was real. And that she did exist and it all did happened.

In that dream, she made me feel something I never felt before. I dont know if it was love. But if it’s not love, I dont know what it is.

Remembering that dream still makes me sad and sometimes I still end up crying. Because I lost her, the person I truly loved.

I write for her in poems, in short stories or in quotes hoping that those simple things will reach her.

A part of me is hoping that we will meet some day in this reality and be together.

And so I wait for that time comes. Until then, I will write till I can write no more about her and about that feeling she made me feel.

@Copyright 2017

Elemental Prodigy : Vilya

As I woke up, I found myself flying on an aircraft. I could see the vast land of Innistrad under my feet. The vast land of Sand which is a home of the greatest assassins in all of Etherum.

Assassins. When we were kids, my mom always warn us to stay home during the night because there is one rogue assassin killing children at the streets. Well, there were few missing children cases back then. But that was like years ago. The tale of the rogue assassin was not even real I think.

Innistrad is really a barren land. I sometimes wonder how come there are still people living in this harsh environment. Few trees. Few rivers. Few Animals. What a sad place really compared to Zendikar which is its exact opposite, I thought.

Looking down the vast land at this height, I felt a chill running from my spine. Though shaking, I kept a strong grasp on bar I was hanging on.

Wait! I was hanging? I told myself. I looked around and saw the man in the aircraft yelling at me. Hey Ignis! You have to let go! Don’t pass out this time!, that’s all I could hear from him.

The guy was my brother, Hadion. I now remember that I was here to test one of Hadion’s invention which I think this metal device I was wearing. Hadion was one the chief inventor of Haeynatal. And you could say I am his assistant.

I need to let go? Why it had to be this high? I complained. I looked back at Hadion who gave me an angry stare. Okay, okay, I thought and smiled back at him. I looked down again. I had to do this quick before it gets darker, I told myself.

I closed my eyes and convinced myself that nothing bad will happen. And then with shaking hands, I let go.

no-fault-of-their-own-they-re-trying-harder-and-falling-down-uhwzaf-clipartI was flying! I felt very brave. Ignis¬†of the Sky! I smiled at the thought. I opened my eyes¬†and I realized ¬†that I was falling too fast. Then I started to panic. I grabbed the machine I was wearing. It gave out a little sound and nothing happens. Wait, what does this supposed to do? I closed my eyes and tried to remember what Hadion had told me. But I was too scared now. Nothing came into my mind. Damn! I shouted in my head. I pressed all the buttons but nothing happens. I could feel the pressure and I could see that the ground was getting closer and closer. “Maybe 1000 feet? This is no time for estimation. I need to figure out how to survive this!”, I told myself.

I closed my eyes and think. Then I heard a whisper in my ear, “Yala onna en’ vilya”. Summon the air? Why would I say that? I asked myself. This is no time for some fancy old spells right now. I don’t even have magic!, I screamed in my thoughts. But the words kept repeating in my head like a lyric from a song. I opened my eyes and I could see that I was just a few feet before I will see the Moon Goddess.

I couldn’t think of anything now. And with a confused voice, I let out “Yala onna en’ vilya”. Nothing happens. Shit! I told myself.¬†“Yala onna en’ vilya” I shouted. Still nothing happens. And then it came to me a conversation I had with dad one time. My father told me that spells only work when you are¬†in complete focus. Geez, how can I focus! I am falling for Goddess’ sake. But I have to try, I told myself. So I closed my eyes and took deep breaths to try to calm myself. And slowly like a whisper I spoke “Yala onna en’ vilya”. I felt a warm and tingly feeling in my chest and then it run from my chest to my arms and out to my fingers. What is this feeling? I asked myself. Is this what they call Magic?

I waited for awhile but nothing happens. But I felt something. I was hopeful for a sec that it would work. Who am I kidding, I knew this would happen. I am no istar. I have no magic. And I would die because of some stupid machine malfunction. Hadion I will haunt you!, I told myself.

As I was about to say my farewell to the world, I realized that something was pushing me up. I opened my eyes and I felt like I am no longer falling. Then I noticed that I was being held by a circling stream of air. Wow! I exclaimed. What I do next? . As I was thinking, the hold got unstable. Woah! Am I going to fall again? I  need to think fast!

paul_floatI need to clear my mind and stay in focus, I told myself. Then the shaking stopped. Okay, I need to maintain this, I told myself. So how do I move? I asked again. I look around and I found myself still a few feet above the ground. Enough height to shatter my bones upon impact, I told myself.

Then I heard a familiar voice at my back. I turned around and saw Hadrion’s aircraft coming towards me. He was shouting something. I bet he is really worried. But he needed not to worry, I got this all covered. Then suddenly what was holding me was gone.

Shh waaah ! I was now falling again! As I was about to panic, a mechanical arm grabbed me by the waist and got a hold of me. It pulled me towards the aircraft. Then placed me at the seat next to Hadrion.

That was really close! Ignis are you okay? You made me worried sick back there! Hadrion said with a very terrified look at his face. And wait, did you just float? he asked with a hint of amazement. I can’t answer about the floating part since I myself did not know why it happened. So I ignored that question and explained to him that his machine did not work and all the panic.

Okay, let’s call it a day, Hadrion told me. More of this I think I’ll get a heart attack. I need to check the machine why this happened, He added. For now, no more flying machines unless it really flies, I added. Okay, sorry. I will check before we do another test, he explained. And we flew towards Haeynatal.

While we were on our way, I was still thinking how I was able to summon the air. A part of me was¬†excited since for the first time, I was able to do magic. And not just any magic but air magic! But I had so many questions in my mind that I need to talk to father when I get home like who’s voice that whispered¬†those words to me?¬†What is that power I felt inside? What that what they call as magic?¬†How is that even possible?¬†And how can I do magic when the istar told me that I cannot do magic. Tonight I will have my answers.

I wont forget this since this is the day, I was able to summon Air!

Saving Sally Review

This is my film review on one of the movies in the MMFF which is Saving Sally. By the way, this is not a technical review.

For me, Saving Sally is a feel-good movie. It has drama but was carefully arranged not to be the center of the entire film. And this movie reminds each one of us that THE MOVIE is not just about the actors in it. It is everything (the background, the set, the actors, the story etc).I had fun reading the signs at the background. Pretty clever idea! The background has something to tell as well.

For me, the movie shows how two people expresses their feelings based on their individual struggles. Marty shows it in his sketches or drawings while Sally shows it in her inventions.

I like what Sally did when she was confronted by Marty’s feeling. It was I guess close to what should really happened.

Another noteworthy in the movie is the animation. The animation was flawless. There were parts in the movie that I got confused if it was just an animation or a real object. The scenes were like wallpapers in my computer. Very rich in color. It’s like watching a Pixar movie. There were¬†simple scenes like bus stops or stores but the background and the details were¬†good and cleverly placed.

Just one itsy bitsy thing I could have wished for was that Saving Sally would have been using tagalog or filipino as its language in the movie. But I guess, the point of using English was to have lesser translation works and more audiences to cater since majority can understand English. The characters in the movie did speak well in English.

That aside, the whole movie was good. Worth watching!

P.S. Dont just watch the actors, watch everything¬†and read everything in each scene. Don’t miss a signage or a store name. ūüôā